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Your one-stop-shop

DAF offers a total electric transport solution, tailored to best fit the application and daily operation of its customers. This includes a wide variety of truck configurations, repair and maintenance, connected services and of course the optimal charging solution for each individual situation. PACCAR charger portfolio includes a wide range of different chargers suited for each customer need to charge their electric trucks, vans and even cars.

Always the best customized charging solution

For every specific situation there is a charger to suit your business. The range of charging systems includes both compact mobile charging stations as high power fast chargers, which will charge the battery to 80% in just 45 minutes. In addition, several models already offer higher voltage and current levels so they are ready to accommodate you also in your future charging needs. Uptime, quality, connectivity and ease of operation are top priorities for all PACCAR Chargers. 

PACCAR offers four different ranges of chargers, each including various chargers for different applications:

PacCharge AC
Ideal to charge electric cars and vans, easily installed on parking lots.

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Maximum uptime

DAF supports their customers maximally in their transition from Diesel to Electric transport with a one-stop-shop truck & charger offering. It includes not only the charger hardware but also the best charger service in the market. Three different service packages are offered, always fitting your needs with maximum uptime. The installation of a charger can be a complicated and time consuming process. Therefore, also charger installation support is given with local installation experts.

Charger Selector

Selecting the right charger best suiting your needs is a complicated and timeconsuming process. Do you need a fast high power charger or is a slower mobile charging station sufficient? Below you can easily get a first impression which charger(s) might be a good choice for your operation. For more information, please contact your EV DAF dealer to advise you in this choice.

*CM = ChargeMax
*PC = PowerChoice 


View all the important specs of each charger in the Charger Portfolio and see which service package meets your needs. We offer the best charging solution for you.

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