Monday, 6 November 2023

Nothing Beats Original: DAF Tensioner Pulley Kit

Which Poly V-belt solution keeps PACCAR engines working optimally?
To make it easier for you, we’re expanding our range of engine-specific DAF Genuine Tensioner Pulley Kits. This handy solution has all the components you need in one box: the Poly V-belt; the Tensioner and the Idlers.

Three benefits
Install a DAF Genuine Tensioner Pulley Kit now to reduce the risk of early wear and tear of a new belt caused by a worn tensioner or idler pulley. Replace all parts as a set to:

  • Reduce operational costs: preventive maintenance is more economical than dealing with a breakdown, which leads to unplanned downtime; the kit price is lower than the cost of the individual components. 
  • Increase workshop efficiency: save on labour by replacing several crucial components in one workshop visit (and avoid extra visits for unexpected repairs).
  • Maximise vehicle uptime: all parts (Poly V-belt, tensioner, idler) are faced with the same harsh conditions in the engine compartment, so they wear equally over time; replacing all the components at the same time keeps your truck on the road and brings peace of mind!
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