Monday, 3 July 2023

Keep yourself and your environment safe with our TRP Fire Extinguishers

TRP offers a full line of safety products including our TRP Fire Extinguishers.

Be aware that legislation differs per country so make sure your vehicle and trailer are always equipped with the correct fire extinguisher.

Fines may apply once your vehicle does not comply with the local legislation.

As an example;

Belgian legislation requires each vehicle with a GVW of >7,5 ton to have one fire extinguisher of 3kg aboard.

In case of a truck + trailer this means two fire extinguishers of 3kg each. For ADR – Dangerous Goods combinations this means one fire extinguisher of 3kg and one extinguisher of 9kg to be mounted with a bracket.

Also a hazard warning triangle is mandatory.


For a complete overview of our TRP Fire Extinguishers and related safety products please consult our eCommerce platform Parts.DAF.com