Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Why your DAF deserves the best engine oil

A well-lubricated engine means you can take to the road with peace of mind, but an engine with the very best lubrication will get you even further! Every new DAF truck rolls off the production line pre-filled with DAF PSQL 2.1 Original Oil. This oil meets DAF's exacting quality requirements and ensures superb lubrication.

Paul Adams, Product Manager, PACCAR Parts Europe: "Comparison tests over hundreds of thousands of kilometres show fuel savings from up to 3.4% compared to conventional 10W-40 oil. With DAF PSQL 2.1, you get more kilometres out of your truck. In addition, cital moving engine parts are even more effectively protected. The result? A longer engine service life and maximum uptime for your DAF truck."

Which oil will give your engine the longest service life?

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