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Bonderite C-MC 3752

Contents (L) : 20
Use : Workshop



  • Can be diluted to meet specific cleaning requirements
  • Readily mixes with water at recommended dilutions
  • Non-flammable in concentrate or solution form
  • Easily rinsed from surfaces with cold water, hot water or steam
  • A thick, white, opaque liquid formulated to be diluted with tap water for general purpose cleaning, steam cleaning and emulsion cleaning of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys
  • Removes shop soils, road grime, greases and lube oils from: concrete floors, transport equipment, construction equipment, drilling equipment and specialised parts by ultrasonic methods
  • Will not attack well-bonded paints and most plastics
  • Free of chlorinated solvent, chromate, phenols and phosphate.
Contents (L):

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