Away with the blind spots - safety first!


TRP CornerEye brings the blind spots of a truck in sight, thanks to a wide-angle camera and outstanding digital technology that provides a 270-degree view.

TRP CornerEye provides more comfort and safety, covering 40% more than a truck’s front and pavement mirrors. It covers the complete mandatory field of vision class V and VI – even the dangerous blind spot is covered. It reduces the chances of damage on objects or people as it provides real time imaging of the situation around the vehicle. The 270- degree view around the truck makes it safer for you and other road users as well.

TRP CornerEye has a high light sensitivity delivering optimal performance under the harshest conditions. The camera can withstand shock, vibration and water. Thanks to digital technology, it has the lowest latency ever achieved. As for mounting: the camera is attached to the corner spoiler, the monitor in the A-style, following the natural flow of the driver’s observations. The fact that the camera exceeds the complete field of vision of class V and VI gave sufficient grounds for homologation. Replacement of the mirrors by cameras results of course in a further streamlining of the truck, thus in a fuel consumption reduction. Quick and simple installation means the truck is back on the road in no time and ready for 30,000 safe driving hours.

Carefree manoeuvering
A 270-degree view may not be the end of the story: the (new) RadarEye completes the view. This not only creates a feeling of safety but also makes for comfortable manoeuvering. Whenever something or someone is behind the truck, the driver is alerted through an audible and visible signal. To accommodate the driver, the detection reach can be varied between 2 and 20 metres.

New lens, better view
The new Famos lens – a major update of the Amos lens – includes a waterproof camera in a sturdy shell of industrial plastic. This is a step forward compared to the aluminium of its predecessor. The new Famos not only is waterproof but dirt repellent and scratchproof as well.

All in all TRP CornerEye reduces damages and collisions in the blind spots, increases safety and efficiency by bringing the front and side view into sight of the driver. CornerEye, RadarEye and Famos substantially reduce the risk of damages and accidents and in doing so lower your customers’ costs.

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