Small maintenance filter kit DAF Euro 6


The box contains a fuel filter, oil filter and oil drain plug. And what’s more: the price of the filter kit is very sharp, especially compared to separate filter prices. Ask your dealer how sharp that is!

Interval Standard Service Interval Extended Service Interval
Engine Type MX13 MX11 MX13 MX11
Filter Service Kit 1714363 1714334 1714364 1714366
Oil filter 1948921 1928868 1982821 1982821
Oil filter ESI 1922496 1928869
drain plug 1982821 1982821 1982821 1982821
fuel filter 1852005 1852005 1852006 1852006
Engine Type PX5, PX7
Filter Service Kit 2133565
Oil filter 1399494
Fuel Filter 1707078
Sealing ring 1707316

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