New DAF Microwave for kitchen comfort on the road


Cooking on the road is an uphill and time-consuming battle for many drivers. With the new DAF Microwave you can now produce your own meal. It means less need for quick stops and equally quick meals along the road.

The DAF Microwave is especially designed for DAF. As a result, it requires just one overhead compartment instead of two, thanks to its tailored design for DAF SpaceCab and SuperSpaceCab and the complementary mounting kit.
It is tested for vibrations, so it can deal with bumpy roads. The absence of a spinning plate or other moveable parts makes it very suitable for heavy-duty use.

An alarm indicates when the door is still open after three minutes. And the DAF Microwave will go in sleep mode after three minutes of idling. It all saves precious power, which is vital for the battery’s health.
Whether the meal has been cooked before leaving home or bought in a store and kept in your freezer it can be easily warmed up by you, thanks to the new DAF Microwave. Bon appétit!

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