Preventing cargo theft


You do not want to find yourself in such a situation, because it is one of the ultimate nightmares – a stolen truck and cargo.

You not only want to prevent cargo loss or theft because of its value. On top of it often comes the administrative handling which is also a complicated and long process, especially in a foreign country. Here are some tips to prevent theft.

At every stop:
- Park your truck in a way not to facilitate easy drive away or stealing the cargo
- Never leave the truck alone, at least keep it in view
- Keep personal belongings with you at all time
- Do not forget to take cargo and truck documents with you when you leave your truck
- Always make sure that the alarm system is activated

At loading and unloading:
- Start unloading on arrival as soon as possible
- In case you expect an unfavorable arrival time, take an extra rest stop at a safe parking lot

In general:
- Be on the alert for fake policemen
- Never pick up hitchhikers
- Use secured parking places as much as possible
- Never inform foreigners about the nature of your cargo

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