Podcasts keep you focused


Lack of concentration, fatigue - traffic accidents can happen. But there are various options to keep the driver alert.

Some options are very practical, such as proper functioning air conditioning. Others have more to do with entertainment, such as podcasts.
A podcast is a digital audio file, which you can download and listen to. It is often available for subscription and new episodes are often automatically downloaded to your own device. The menu of your smartphone probably has a podcast button. Try it and touch it: you will find a whole world of possibilities. Entertain yourself hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, while listening to an interesting discussion, a profile of a successful sports person, an explanation of fine arts or an update on health, safety, religion, or any other topic. Think of a romantic story or some comedy. It may be a welcome change and a lot more interactive than just listening to music. Let your brain be triggered! All this does not require visual processing, only acoustic.

So stay alert - eyes on the road - and make yours a useful journey.

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