Beware of the cold


Maximum uptime, also in cold weather: that’s your aim. Here are some useful tips.

Tyre Pressure Alarm
When driving to colder (northern) areas, temperatures will drop and your tyre pressure will change. A monitoring system helps you keeping a clear eye on ups and downs. Good to know: the right tyre pressure may save fuel (up to 3% per bar deviation). The proper tyre pressure reduces the chance of an accident by 10%. Low pressure increases braking distance and the right pressure extends the life of your tyres.

Antifreeze window cleaning fluid
Check the window cleaning fluid, before frost takes over. Windscreen wipers dry out in the summer, so they may need to be replaced to make sure they work well when you need them the most.

Batteries are essential for proper functioning of a lot of parts of your truck and that includes comfort-enhancing cabin accessories. In cold conditions batteries may produce 30 to 50% less power.

Winter tyres
As from October, in some European countries the use of winter tyres will be mandatory. So you better check before you start.

Accessories to keep you warm in your cabin
In our shop we sell top quality DAF merchandise such as winter coats, scarves and thermos flasks to keep you warm in your cabin. Take a look at!

Last but not least make sure to have your DAF Dealer check and prepare your truck for the cold months. After all, they are your truck’s best friend – on and off the road!

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