Stay comfortable overnight when it's hot


Is it really possible to stay comfortable in a truck at night when it's extremely hot? It is possible, but there are also a number of risks. Read the rest of this article to find out about the options and alternatives.

Stay comfortable at night with a stand-alone air conditioner

The most comfortable way to deal with the heat is to use a stand-alone air conditioner. These systems work independently of the engine. You can therefore easily regulate the temperature in the cabin yourself. What's more, this solution is also extremely sustainable. You do not need to keep the engine running continuously — which is also good news for your neighbour in the parking area who is also trying to sleep.

Other ways to cool the truck

Drivers generally have their own preferred way to get the cabin cool at night. They may keep the window partially open, for example, or leave the engine running with the standard airco on. But what about when the heat is extreme or prolonged? In this case, a stand-alone air conditioner is the best and safest option. After all, getting a good night's sleep improves road safety as well as comfort.

Professional opinions and alternative overnight options

Should you stay in the cabin overnight when it's extremely hot? Opinions on this point are divided. According to Dutch professional association CNV (Christelijk Nationaal Vakverbond — National Federation of Christian Trade Unions), every driver has the right to enjoy a comfortable and safe workplace. The association believes that a parking heater and a stand-alone air conditioner is part of this requirement. If drivers do not have access to this equipment, the association advises that they should go to a hotel. Generally speaking, employees and their employer will discuss the matter.

Questions about truck airco?

Do you have questions about what options for stand-alone air conditioners are available to you? Your DAF dealer will be happy to discuss your specific situation with you. Feel free to contact your dealer for further information.

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