TRP Products for the summer


In the past 25 years TRP has developed a truly impressive and broad range of products that includes plenty that are relevant for the summer season.

Take a look at the ‘must have’ TRP summer products:

Parking cooler

A great solution to keep the cabin cool during rests or overnight, the TRP Parking cooler operates when the engine is shut off. This system allows you to reduce fuel costs and the ease of operation ensures comfortable rest periods.

Drawer fridge/cooler box

Longing for a refreshing drink or needing to keep your food cool? The TRP cooler box integrates perfectly in the cabin design, has an automatic interior light and includes 2 cup holders on the top. What’s more, the temperature can be adjusted from +5°C to –16°C to perfectly suit your needs.

Windscreen wiper blade

The TRP wiper blades are essential in ensuring a clear view and safe driving conditions. The highly durable rubber will stand up to the conditions even when exposed to high summer temperatures, dust and extreme conditions.

Summer Screenwash

The windshield is exposed to different elements in the summer so a specific summer wash is helpful. The TRP summer screenwash is developed specifically to remove insects easily and leave your windshield streak-free.

Insect remover

Warmer temperatures mean more insects on your truck, and these can be challenging to clean. The TRP insect remover is safe to use on glass, chrome, plastic and lacquer surfaces and will help you to clean up all insect residues.

Truck Shampoo

First impressions count and a clean truck is key. With extra dust in the air, pollen and high temperatures, it is important to clean your truck regularly in the summer. The TRP truck shampoo allows you to clean, preserve and give your truck a shine, all in one go.

Air conditioning Filter

Moisture, impurities or particles circulating in the air conditioning loop could all damage your system. The filter keeps your air conditioning running efficiently, so make sure you have it checked regularly and replaced if needed.

TRP Cabin air filter

The TRP Cabin air filter allows you to breath in clean air while driving, or resting in your cabin. It prevents dust, pollen, dirt and other pollutants from entering the cabin. Don’t forget to replace it regularly for an optimal performance.

Interested in more details about the TRP products?

The DAF Dealer is available to discuss which products would be best suited for you, or visit the TRP catalogue to find out more about the TRP products.

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