Large cities implement mandatory visibility measures for heavy vehicles


An increasing number of major European cities are introducing legislation aimed at improving road safety. In Greater London—a region with nearly nine million inhabitants—measures have been in place since October. Vehicles weighing over 12 tonnes may only operate in the region if the truck owners have a safety permit.
This British Direct Vision Standard (DVS) legislation is not unique. The gradual yet mandatory introduction of blind spot monitoring systems across Europe is scheduled to begin in July 2022. What does this mean for you?

DVS permits are already mandatory in Greater London
The figures are very clear: The number of road casualties in the British capital is twice as high as in the rest of the country. Compared to Manchester, the percentage of cyclists and pedestrians involved in serious accidents is more than 33% higher in London. It is well known that the combination of a limited field of view, narrow streets and a high number of road users can create a hazardous situation. That is why the Greater London Authority introduced the DVS permit for HGVs (heavy goods vehicle). Without a permit, truck owners run the risk of a hefty fine. The permit requirement applies 24/7 for all vehicles over 12 tonnes, regardless of which country the truck is registered in.

Visibility measures and safety systems
What measures are required for driving around Greater London? This depends on the star rating of your vehicle. New DAF LF trucks (16 T and 18 T) are factory fitted with adequate visibility measures and meet the requirements for a DVS permit. Permits can be requested free of charge here.

A wide range of TRP retrofit blind spot monitoring options are available for DAF CF/XF trucks and other truck brands. These kits improve safety for vulnerable road users in the vehicle's blind spots and give the driver peace of mind. It is equally important that you meet the requirements to apply for a DVS permit.

The most important features of our TRP London DVS kits
• Sensor system for the passenger side of the truck
• View system to monitor the passenger side of the truck
• Environmentally appropriate audible warning system ("white noise signal") to alert vulnerable road users that the vehicle is turning right or left
• Warning stickers for the back of the truck to warn vulnerable road users of the vehicle's blind spot

Each kit is supplied with detailed installation and adjustment instructions. Of course, you can also contact us to make sure that the sensor and view system has been installed and calibrated fully in accordance with the regulations.

Measures in other European cities
Other cities are also in the midst of introducing legislation and regulations to improve road safety. In Germany and Austria, the use of a blind spot monitoring system is now strongly recommended. In addition, blind spot monitoring systems have been mandatory for newly registered LHVs (longer heavier vehicle) since 1 July 2020 and this legislation will soon be extended. Since the beginning of this year, France has required truck owners to equip their vehicles with three warning stickers that indicate their vehicles' blind spots to other road users. You can find an overview of relevant DAF and TRP parts below.

Germany - Turn Assists
DAF City Turn Assist CAN - 1545036

UK, London - Direct Vision Standard
Brigade DVS Kit - Tractor - 1546126

France - Warning Stickers
Sticker - 1546853

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